Fri 27 Nov 2020 15:40

In an exciting new addition to the club and in line with our ambition to continue to drive the club forward, both on and off the pitch, we are delighted to announce a new club role of wellbeing reps. With the extremely passionate, Sam Grayson and Nathan Brown taking on the role over the previous few months, we have seen an incredible response from the members all around the club whilst inspiring other local clubs to implement this role within their own organisations.

Whilst this new addition to the club is every evolving, the fundamentals will remain the same – support those within the club mentally as well as physically, start the conversation around men health and improve knowledge of how we can maintain good mental health.

Information is shared weekly giving tips and advice on strategies that help to support a healthy mind and develop the understanding of how to look after your wellbeing. As well as this Mitcham Mindset sessions are available which are small 30 minute chats that a non-judgmental and not shared with anyone with the aim to put people in a more positive place and these can be rugby or non-rugby based. With a lot more planned in the future, we continue to drive our aim forward of the best and happiest rugby club in Surrey.